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It is indeed an honour and pleasure to give all our visitors a glimpse into Shikshankur and what it aims to achieve. Shikshankur opened in April 2018 as a co-educational day school situated in the serene Doon valley, the capital of Uttarakhand. It has been established under the aegis of the Shikshankur Education Society.

Shikshankur is the realisation of our founder's dream to give back to the society. It is an endeavour to empower children and help them to strive towards excellence. It aims at making the journey of learning magical for the children and helping them become wise, compassionate and humane citizens of a sustainable world.

A Place Where.......

  • Values are Valued
  • |
  • Nature is Nurtured
  • |
  • Safety is Sowed
  • |
  • Love is Reaped
Shikshankur The Global School
A Senior Secondary School


FOR SESSION 2023 - 24
Affiliated to CBSE New Delhi Affiliation No - 3530566

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To nurture a vibrant learning community which inspires and empowers

Shikshankur aims at nurturing all the stakeholders in its community and moving forward with a group that learns, grows and visualises together to form into an inspired and empowered lot.


Responsible future ready global citizens empowered to make a difference

Shikshankur envisions its youth to go out in the world upholding their moral values, empowered to make a difference and to be the change they wish to see.

Let's Play, Learn & Grow Together

The buddy program
The sports program
The citizenship program
The speech & drama program
Sur Taal
The music & dance program
Katha Kahani
The story telling program
The art program
The STEAM program
Program for connecting the body, mind & soul
The ICT program
The pottery program
The parents program
From The Chairman's Desk

Mr. S. N. Joshi

From The Chairman's Desk

Knowledge is deep-rooted in the Indian culture. From the era of the Upanishads, the great sages and saints of India, had realised the importance of knowledge (vidhya). They concluded that the only way to get the best and noble in life is through the acquisition of right knowledge. Prescribing the ways to gain that knowledge, they had the foresight and far-sight to declare that useful and true knowledge can only be gained with the involvement of the teachers, students and the society, parents included.

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From The Principal's Desk

Mrs. Rachna Joshi

Musings From The Principal's Desk

Shikshankur believes in the tenets of inspiration and empowerment which are the source as well as the culmination of education. It shall be a place where inherent competencies are honed and relevant learning is aspired. It is an evolving and progressive school which will grow and change with all its stakeholders. We aim at being a place where dreams are seen and fulfilled, empathy is felt and ownership taken, where creativity is the buzz word and responsibility and belief in self are the pillars.

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Foreign Collaborators

The Shikshankur team has collaborated with highly experienced and dedicated foreign experts of the Eliad group, based in California. Aaron Eden, the cofounder and Roman Stearns, the senior consultant, are actively associated with the school.

Aaron Eden

Aaron Eden

Aaron has been transforming education since way back when he hacked his own high school experience. He has been creating and facilitating novel learning experiences for others ever since.

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Roman Stearns

Roman Stearns

As a professional coach, facilitator, trainer, and consultant, Roman operates from a deep conviction that our youth deserve an education that fosters the qualities and skills that futurists...

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Our Board


Mr. S. N. Joshi

Mr. S.N. Joshi, is the chairman of Shikshankur and Shemrock Doon. Besides holding senior managerial positions abroad for more than...

Dr. Jayanti Prasad Nawani

Dr. Jayanti Prasad Nawani is a well-known orthopaedic specialist, who established Doon Nursing Home, the first private multi...

Mr. Harish Joshi

Mr Harish Joshi started his career in education in 2004. Besides being a successful entrepreneur he helped lay down the foundation...

Mr. Devendra Bhatt

Mr.Bhatt has been working as a civil engineer and construction management professional for over 28 years, currently employed by...

Dr. Nishant Nawani

Dr. Nishant Nawani MBBS MS, did his primary schooling in Indian School, Muscat, Oman. In 1991 he was admitted to The Doon School...

Mr. Pranay Joshi

Mr. Pranay Joshi was born and brought up in Muscat, Oman. After completing his primary schooling from Indian School Muscat, Mr. Joshi, returned...

Our Team

Rachna Joshi

Mrs. Rachna Joshi

Mrs. Rachna Joshi is an experienced educationist and a prolific administrator. She has completed her schooling from some of the best schools in India and abroad.

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Nilambari Gupta

Mrs. Nilambari Gupta

Nilambari is a passionate learner and a voracious reader and wants to instil the same love for books in children. She is an enthusiastic person always on the go and ready to face challenges given to her.

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Our Educational Partners

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Elaid Groups
Grey Caps
Buttrefly Edufields
Science Olypiad Foundation
School Cinema
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